Birte Thedens

The little King of Dogs

            a pond explorer

A pond explorer needs help from someone like the specialist Herbert the pond frog to recognize the animals caught in the fishing net.
Each definition card shows an animal, names the group that this animal belongs to, shows the size of the animal with an arrow and describes any special features.

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You can print these definition cards. Cut them out and stick them back to back. Then you can go and put them to the test!

Have fun!

Before you go fishing, remember the fishing rules:

1. Shallow water! Lots of animals live in small ponds, pools, shallow waters or the like. These are ideal places to fish.

2. Never go alone, it’s much better with parents, friends,...

3. Remember your safety!

4. Find yourself a piece of solid ground.

5. Be an animal friend. After you have looked at the animals, carefully put them back in the water.



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