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Build your own Fishing Net

To build your own fishing net, you will need:

a piece of strong wire (about 60 cm long) or a wire coat hanger (from the dry cleaner)

an old silk stocking/pair of tights or a piece of mosquito net (+needle and thread)

a twig with a forked tip at one end

Bend the wire to form a semicircle and twist both ends around the tips of the forked twig. Twist the wire along the twig as far as it will go.

Or: bend the wire coat hanger to look like a large pear. Attach the hook to the twig. If you canít bend the wire, just tie it along the fork of the twig.

Now you have a twig with a wire ring. Slip the old stocking or a cut off leg of tights over the wire ring.

Or: if you are using a mosquito net, you will need a needle and thread. When using a square piece of net, sew two opposite sides together to form a tube. Make sure that the tube is bigger than the wire ring on the twig. Now push the net tube a little way through the wire ring, fold the edges around the wire ring and sew them from outside around the ring. Now your net is fixed to the wire. Tie the bottom of the net tube to close the net.



Before you go fishing, remember the fishing rules:

1. Shallow water! Lots of animals live in small ponds, pools, shallow waters or the like. These are ideal places to fish.

2. Never go alone, itís much better with parents, friends,...

3. Remember your safety!

4. Find yourself a piece of solid ground.

5. Be an animal friend. After you have looked at the animals, carefully put them back in the water.



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