Birte Thedens

Sample extract from the book:

"The little King of Dogs as a pond explorer"

Then the little King of Dogs tried his luck. He took the fishing net sideways in his mouth. Leopold climbed, curious as ever, over his friendís nose. Finally he hung at the front of the fishing net, so that he could see everything: "There, there, there...! No, here! Look at this! And there..."

The little King of Dogs couldnít fish as fast as Leopoldís instructions. The dog swept the fishing net back and forth. The water splashed. They both had lots of fun. But the fishing net stayed empty. 


 "You are too slow", Leopold teased, grinning. "We arenít catching anything. Now even the snail has left!", he said, and laughed so hard about his own joke, that he almost fell into the water. The little King of Dogs tried harder. Leopold was swung around with the fishing rod and squeeked with excitement: "Woohoo!" But then: "Oh! I feel a bit sick!"





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